About us

Focus Building Risk and Compliance Pty Ltd is more than just an ESM Auditing company, we are compliance and risk partners for our building owner and strata manager clients. Our clients sleep better at night knowing that

“Focus has their backs”.
we deliver solutions

Our key benefit is our hands-on customised services with highly educated and experienced professionals. Focus is a completely independent auditing company.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high level of service, and we work closely with them to ensure that they fully understand the results of the audit. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on fire safety best practices.

We understand that the safety of your property and those who occupy it is of the utmost importance. That's why we are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to ensure that your property is safe from the risk of fire.

Our Mantra

We bring solutions to your compliance problems

Contact us today to schedule a fire safety audit for your property and let us help you ensure the safety of your building occupants, service providers and assets.

Nathan Nathan Keating
Abdirahman Abdirahman Abdi
Graeme Graeme Orr
Nathan Keating
In a career spanning 30 years, Nathan has specialised in Risk and Compliance, first as an Accountant with PWC (actually it was called Coopers and Lybrand then!), then in Banking, Finance Broking, Insurance Broking (Strata specialist) and now Buildings. In his spare time he eats too much and supports community Rugby, a lifelong passion.
Abdirahman Abdi
Senior Auditor – Technical lead
A qualified Building Surveyor, Abdi has built a near 20-year career around property and its function, including security, facility management and auditing of ESM and building materials. As our technical lead he’s the guy we go to when we get challenging scenarios around building compliance. When he’s not auditing property, he’s a fierce family man and a beast in the gym.
Graeme Orr
Senior Auditor
Graeme started his career in ESM and building compliance servicing and inspecting fire equipment before making the switch to auditing. He’s diligent and has a keen eye for danger and safety issues, making him a fantastic auditor and a great service provider to the buildings that he supports. Outside of work, Graeme supports the arts and has a passion for music.
Giaan Hudson
Operations Manager
Giaan makes this place work. Her role spans across most disciplines of the business, including driving projects for clients looking to offload defect rectifications. On her weekends she loves supporting Melbourne Storm, camping, and the odd music festival.
Andrew Keating
For Andrew the move to property compliance was easy after a considerable career in logistics, warehousing and related IT systems development. The career focus on project risks and process mapping proving invaluable assets for the property audit team. Ever cheerful and a committed team member, when he’s not at work he’s a dedicated father and passionate Rugby supporter.
Stephanie Cerquarelli
Annual Certification Specialist
Joining the business in 2016, Steph is our longest serving team member and an absolute expert in all things Annual Certification. Steph works part time with Focus these days, working full time as a committed mother the rest of her days in the week.
Giaan Giaan Hudson
Andrew Andrew Keating
Stephanie Cerquarelli
Our Heritage

Nic Cox, founded Focus Fire and Safety (aka Focus ESM Auditing), in 1998 with a vision to provide comprehensive fire auditing and building safety services. With a strong belief in the importance of safety, particularly fire safety, Nic recognised the need for property owners and managers to not only comply with statutory obligations but also ensure that all essential safety measures were in accordance with relevant regulations, standards, and practices. He also brought an ethos that made our business different from the rest -you can’t identify a problem, without providing a solution. This remains key to our service proposition today.

Our history


Working with Victoria's largest Owner Corporation management INSCOR Services

1998 - 2003

Developed comprehensive reports to include OHS and Fire compliance audits

2003 - 2008

The beginning of our national services, in 2006 we completed 675 Asbestos reports in South Australia

2008 - 2013

Provide not only compliance audits but commenced our "SOLUTION" reports; we set up a procurement division to source alternate quotes for our clients - ONE STOP SOLUTIONs

2013 - 2018

The introduction of Building Notices by councils; Focus employed Building Inspectors and Surveyors.

2018 - 2022

Move to a larger premises in Kew, demand for services extends up the Eastern Seaboard. Ongoing services provided through COVID -19.

2023 - Present

Retirement of Nic Cox; move to Fitzroy and the implementation of Uptick portal to drive process optimisation

And the journey continues ...
Our auditing process is designed to be efficient and effective, allowing us to identify any potential risks quickly and efficiently. We use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that our audits are comprehensive and accurate.
Our commitment
We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a high level of service, and we work closely with them to ensure that they fully understand the results of the audit. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on fire safety best practices.
Business executives
Our fire safety auditing services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and we offer a range of services including fire risk assessments, fire safety training, and emergency planning. We can also provide ongoing support to ensure that your property remains safe and compliant with all relevant regulations.