Legal obligations?

Building owners and managers have specific responsibilities for maintaining essential safety measures under the Building Act Focus Audits Solutions and Engineering (FASE) can assist you to meet them all.

  1. Building Act and Safety Measures: Under the Building Act (or similar legislation in various countries), building owners and managers are often required to maintain essential safety measures within their properties. These safety measures may include fire safety equipment, emergency exits, fire-resistant construction materials, and more. The specific requirements and standards for safety measures can vary based on the type of building and its usage.
  2. Government Regulations: Government regulations regarding fire and safety in buildings are generally strict and demanding to ensure public safety and prevent potential disasters. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for all building owners and managers.
  3. Compliance Requirements: Building owners are legally obligated to comply with the prescribed safety standards and regulations. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to serious consequences.
  4. Consequences of Non-Compliance: If a building owner fails to comply with fire and safety regulations, several potential consequences may arise:
    • Jeopardized Building Insurance: Non-compliance might invalidate the building's insurance policy, leaving the owner financially responsible for any damages or losses resulting from a fire or safety incident.
    • Penalties and Fines: Government authorities can impose penalties and fines for non-compliance. The severity of these penalties can vary based on the jurisdiction and the seriousness of the violation.
    • Legal Liability: Non-compliance could lead to legal liabilities if someone is injured or killed due to safety violations. In such cases, the building owner may be held accountable for damages and face potential lawsuits.

To avoid these risks and ensure compliance, building owners often seek assistance from Focus Audits Solutions and Engineering (FASE) which specialize in providing services to meet safety standards and regulations.

The owner of a building is required to comply with the following
  • Regulations 1008:
  • Regulations 1209:
  • Regulations 1204:

FASE professional expertise can help you to minimise fire risk and maximise safety at all your sites at considerable savings to you by taking the responsibility off your shoulders - made possible from experience and economies obtained across a broad customer base.