I have utilised the services of Focus Fire & Safety for in excess of 10 years.

Nic and his staff have always been readily accessible and prompt in the delivery of reports, recommendations and advice in a variety of situations.

They are currently acting for a number of Owners Corporations regarding cladding issues for large apartment buildings, and acknowledge the need to keep the Committees informed and up-to-date at all times.

Mark Godfrey
Alliance Owners Corporation Management

I am grateful to Nic and his team for their exemplary service and professionalism.

Safety is paramount for all owners and residents in the properties we serve and to have the peace of mind that this is being constantly be looked after, is something we do not take for granted.

I would highly recommend FASE to take care of anyone’s safety and auditing needs, they are without compare.

Matt Twiselton – GM
CPSM (Certified Practising Strata Manager)

Focus has assisted me for over 14 years with the compliance measures at many properties that I have been involved with.

They have ensured that the essential service measures have been maintained correctly and that these are sufficient for the property being serviced.

Nic and the team took on two major residential properties that had been ignored by managers and incumbent contractors where the Local Council had served Building Notices on these properties.

It was during the COVID lockdown so it was even more important that all of the neglected elements were addressed properly and professionally, while such a large population remained in residence.

Focus has assisted us with identifying the processes for identifying and replacing non-compliant aluminum cladding (ACP) in several sites and steered us through the application for assistance with Cladding Safety Victoria.

The owners are happy and we have assisted them to achieve a risk-free building.

Michael E. Jeans
Owners Corporation Manager

Focus has been providing their Auditing and ESM consultancy services at our facilities since the last few years.

They have helped us cut down expenses on ESM’s and take the maintenance of our facilities to next level.

One word for them – VALUE FOR MONEY.

Sunny Gagg
Building Management